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Grafika Art School St.Pete

Couples' Creative Exploration Package

Couples' Creative Exploration Package

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  • Class for 2 People: Embark on a shared artistic journey with our unique package designed for two. Whether partners, friends, or family members, this experience is crafted to foster collaboration, creativity, and personal growth in art.

  • 100 Hours of Learning: Immerse yourself in 100 hours of artistic exploration. This extensive learning time ensures a comprehensive understanding and honing of your chosen art forms.


  • Full Schedule Access: Dive into a diverse array of classes spanning various artistic disciplines and techniques. From beginner-friendly sessions to advanced workshops, our full schedule caters to all skill levels and interests.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand the importance of balancing art with life's other commitments. Our flexible scheduling allows you and your partner to attend classes at times that best suit your individual lifestyles.

  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from the guidance of seasoned artists and educators. Our coaches are dedicated to nurturing your skills, offering personalized feedback and insights to enhance your artistic journey.

  • Included Resources and Materials: Enjoy a hassle-free experience with all necessary resources and materials provided. Focus solely on your creativity, while we take care of the rest.

  • Pre-Access to Events: Gain exclusive early access to various art events, exhibitions, and seminars. This privilege offers a deeper dive into the art community, fostering connections and inspiration.

  • Expert Skill Evaluation: Receive a professional evaluation of your artistic skills. This assessment helps in tailoring your learning path and in recognizing areas of strength and improvement.

  • Personalized Assignments: Challenge and develop your skills with assignments customized to your and your partner’s artistic goals. These tasks are designed to be both enjoyable and enriching.

  • Access to July Exhibition: Showcase your creations in our exclusive July exhibition. This opportunity allows you to present your work to a broader audience, receiving recognition and feedback.

  • Portfolio Development: Build or enhance your artistic portfolio with professional guidance. Our experts assist in curating your works, ensuring a portfolio that truly reflects your artistic identity and abilities.

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